Stop the lid at any angle, safety operation.
'Free Stop' type balancer has the following features compared with 'Spring Assisted' type.

  • It can hold the lid at any open angle within wide angle range. ( free stop )
  • It can reduce lateral gap of the lid because of improving the cross direction strength.
  • It has the waterproof spring cases.
  • The installation method and adjustment method of this product are the same as 'Spring Assisted' type products.

*When the center of gravity position of the lid is high, the angle range of enabling to hold the lid may become small.
*For the 'Free Stop' type, please calculate the torque of the lid more accurately.

Model TT

Suitable torque range of lid
TT-2 16-20(1630-2040) 4.2※1 SUS304 and SCS13  (except springs, bearings and sealings)
TT-2+ 20-24(2040-2450) 4.3※1 ditto
TT-3 24-29(2450-2960) 4.3※1 ditto
TT-3+ 29-35(2960-3570)※2 4.4※1 ditto
TT-4 35-42(3570-4280)※2 4.4※1 ditto
*1 : Including welding plates of Model TT : +1.0kg
*2 : If it is used on a lid that exceeds the torque range suitable for use, the springs may be damaged.
If CAP BALANCER Model TT would be mounted by welding, the detachable
welding plates are also available.
(CAP BALANCER Model TT with the detachable welding plates)

Model TS

Model Suitable torque range of lid
Weight(kg) Materials
TS-6 37-50(3770-5100) 10.9 SUS304 and SCS13  (except springs, bearings and sealings)
TS-8 50-75(5100-7650) 11.0 ditto
TS-13 75-110(7650-11200) 11.3 ditto
TS-18 110-165(11200-16800) 11.8 ditto