Model Selection

The Cap Balancer can be used for an open top cover or lid. It can not be used when it is inclined more than 45 degrees. (Even if the inclined angle is small, it may not be used depending on the condition.)

In order to safely open and close heavy covers and lids with a small force, it is important to select a type of Cap Balancer that is suitable for the equipment to be mounted. Please check the following points during selection.

  • Whether to stop the cover or the lid at an arbitrary angle
  • How is the usage environment
  • Calculation of torque of cover and lid

Necessity of Free Stop

Usage environment

Torque calculation

Calculation condition

Inclination angle

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not know how to select the model of Cap Balancer or if you are unsure about the selection of model. We propose the optimum model according to customer's equipment and environment.