The CAP BALANCER *1 is a spring-loaded hinge that utilizes spring force to easily and safely open and close heavy top-opening lids *2 in pressure vessels, reaction vessels, and other tanks, filter housing, etc. It adopts a structure in which the spring is arranged on both outer sides of the hinge, and it is possible to exchange the spring and change the model relatively easily. Since its launched 20 years ago, it has had a lot of achievements, and it has been adopted in many user's facilities such as domestic and overseas chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and so on.
Also, in order to respond to sophistication of safety requirement at the recent manufacturing site,we added a free stop type balancer which keep the lid stopping at an arbitrary opening degree, and we added a lid holder option to fix the lid in a fully opened state .

*1 : "Cap Balancer" is a registered trademark of KANTEC Co., Ltd.
*2 : Cap Balancer can be used for manholes with an inclination angle of 45 ° or less when the horizontally open upper lid is set to 0 ° inclination angle.

Open and close the lid easily

Cap Balancer assists the operation to open and to close the heavy top opening lid.

The torque of the spring which is adjusted close the torque of the lid assists the operation to open and to close the lid. 

Stop the lid at any angle, safety operation

Cap Balancer keep the heavy top opening lid stopping at an arbitrary opening angle. 

The torque of the spring which is harmonized with the torque of the lid keep it stopping at an arbitrary opening angle.


  • An extensive product lineup : Rich product line up enables the users to select the type that meets their needs.
  • Compact design  : Using torsion coil springs enables the device to be shorter and to have a space-saving design.
  • Safe and simple balance adjustment : Safe and continuous adjustment is possible within the specified torque range just by turning the spring adjustment  screw.
  • Simple disassembly and assembly  : Simple disassembly and assembly allows the spring to be replaced easily.


  • Added information about new products TT type cap balancer on the website. (Feb2020)
  • KANTEC Co.,Ltd. has moved. Our address and phone number were updated.(Sep2018)
  • Web site has been renewed. (May2018)