How to mount Cap Balancer

For mounting the Cap Balancer, the upper hinge is attached to the monhole cover (lid) flange, and the lower hinge is attached to the manhole body flange, the manhole neck.


Standard Mounting

If the attachment portion of the Cap Balancer does not interfere with the tightening bolts etc. of the manhole, we recommend to select the standard mounting.

Example of the standard mounting
The mounting dimensions of the standard mounting are the followings.

Diagram of the mounting dimensions

The mounting dimensions of the standard mounting
Model Standard installation dimensions
FM 131mm
FL 144mm
BG 176mm
BX 192mm
TT 60mm
TS 100mm

Adjust Mounting

When swing bolts or eye nuts are used to tighten the manhole, adjust the mounting dimensions so that the CAP BALANCER and bolts or nuts do not interfere with each other during opening and closing. There are methods for extending the CAP BALANCER mounting arm and for extending the mounting dimensions beyond the mounting cut baseline.
However, if the mounting dimensions are extended, the distance from the center of gravity of the manhole cover to the hinge axis of the cap balancer 'length of torque calculation' becomes longer, and the torque required to open and close the lid also increases. When selecting the model of cap balancer, it is necessary to consider the mounting method as well.

Example of the extension mounting

Extension reference 1

Extension reference 2

Swing bolt stopper

When necessary, install a swing bolt stopper so that the swing bolts do not contact the CAP BALANCER when they are pulled open.


Inclined Mounting

When the manhole is angled, such as when it is located on the end plate or dome, the CAP BALANCER should be mounted at a "90° horizontal position" to the manhole angle.