A wide variety of
CAP BALANCER options are available.


Lid holders can hold open lids to prevent accidental closure.

  • Lid holder

    Lid holder set When the lid is opened with the lid holder set, the lid is locked in the open position and cannot be closed.

  • Lid holder

    Lid holder released When the lid holder is released, the lid can be closed.

Compatible products
FM typeFL type (only for new installation)
*LID HOLDER cannot be attached to existing products.
icon Stopper pin (TS Type only)

The pin can be inserted into the hole to prevent the lid from closing on its own when the spring is released for maintenance.

The TS type cap balancer is a free stop cap balancer, so the lid basically never closes by itself.
It is only for safety during maintenance.

Stopper pin

Shock absorber

Dampens the shock when the lid is fully opened

If the lid's center of gravity height is high or the spring is tightly squeezed, the force of the lid falling in the open direction will be stronger when the lid is opened.
Therefore, if the hand is removed when the lid is opened, the CAP BALANCER or the mounted device may be damaged by the shock when the lid is fully opened.
By installing a shock absorber, the shock at full opening can be dampened.

Compatible products
FL typeFM type(waterproof type) TS type
Shock absorber

Overall cover

Can cover the main body of CAP BALANCER

The overall cover must be removed when installing or adjusting the CAP BALANCER.

Compatible products
TS type
Overall cover

Detachable type

CAP BALANCER can be detached

Normally, CAP BALANCER is installed by welding, so it is not possible to remove the cap balancer after installation.
If you need to detach the CAP BALANCER for equipment maintenance, etc., please consider the Detachable type.

With the Detachable type, the CAP BALANCER can be split into the CAP BALANCER and upper and lower mounting brackets by loosening the two upper and lower bolts, and the manhole cover and main unit can be detached relatively easily.

Compatible products
FM typeFL typeTS type
Removable type

Other Options

・External buffing finish

The surface of the CAP BALANCER can be polished to a glossy finish.

*Depending on the content, we may be able to accommodate you, so please feel free to contact us if you have any requests for your company's usage environment.

Selection guide

If you want to know if it can be installed on existing or new equipment, please see here.

Installation Guide

Describes how to install CAP BALANCER and Handy Lock System on equipment.

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