Handy Lock System

Boltless and clampless lid tightening mechanism for manholes from full vacuum to 0.2 Mpa.

What is the Handy Lock System?

it can tightens and releases the lid simply by turning the handle.It can be installed in a wide range of equipment such as reaction vessels and agitation tank manholes.
it is boltless and clampless,
it can open and close manholes quickly and lightly in combination with the cap balancer.

Track Record of Introduction

The system has been installed in a wide range of facilities in various industries.
It can be mounted on both existing and new facilities.
  • Glass lining manufacturer
  • Chemical manufacturer


New equipment
For tightening mechanism of manhole of glass lining container


Handy Lock System has been adopted as the tightening mechanism for manholes of glass-lined containers.
By using the round handle type Handy Lock System in combination with a torque wrench, the appropriate tightening torque can be managed at a single location.


Existing facilities
Improving efficiency of manhole opening/closing operations for chemical manufacturers


Handy Lock System and CAP BALANCER have been introduced to improve the efficiency of manhole opening and closing operations at an existing equipment.
The main flange and lid flange with "Handy Lock System" and "CAP BALANCER" are connected to the existing manhole flange and installed on the top to improve the efficiency of manhole opening and closing operations.

Product Information

Handy Lock System

Handy Lock System does not include manhole body, lid, and packing (wetted parts), which must be arranged separately based on the reference drawing. Reference drawings can be requested on the Request for Documents page.

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